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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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quite a bit less there with .16. major changes coming our way this weekend. we're going to detail how warms thing could get. and we're always tracking the forecast on i'll be back in a few minutes. tonight police say the drive by shoots of a teenager was likely gang related. investigators tell us the teen was walking near fisher middle school last night when he was shot by someone in a light colored suv. gang violence has already claimed the lives of two in san francisco this year. 18 gang-related homicides happened last year. coming up at 6:00, what the community is doing to crack down on gangs. how did it get so far? an 83-year-old man has been found wandering around southern california today. the chp issued a silver alert to find him. he has early dementia. he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. it might be offensive, but
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it's legal. the woman behind those controversial bus ads in san francisco is condemning city leaders. the messages in those ads feature quotes from osama bin laden and others associating the word with jihad with violent muslim extremism. city leaders say it's unfair to characterize an entire group to violence. the ad sponsor pamela geller represents the american freedom offense initiative which represents a lot of pro-israel policies. she asks where was the city when a pro-palestinian group ran its hateful ads last year. we're going to hear from geller on our 6:00 newscast. march madness free of charge. for a preview of the ncaa tournament. the first teams got in some practice sessions. fans didn't en need a ticket since the sessions were opening to the applicant. basketball enthusiasts came from all over to watch.
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including a son and father from vancouver. >> we don't get much of it in canada. i thought he's on spring break. came down to enjoy the games. >> worked out perfectly. there are four games tomorrow with two more on saturday. 12th seeded cal takes on number 5 unlv tomorrow afternoon. we have a follow-up to our lead story yesterday. santa clara is putting it all on the line for super bowl l. they agreed to give up millions of dollars in revenue if the niners end up hosting the game in 2016. miami, the other city in the running refused the nfl's demands. they include a waiver on ticket surcharges and hotel charges for employees. the league will announce the host city in late may. we're learning tonight that bay area commuters are so tired of traffic they'll pay to avoid it. that's the case here. where tolls are coming in 25% higher than expected. the mercury news reports the
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toll lanes on interstate 80 and highway 287 are bringing in 58% more money than expected. the toll charge ranges from 30 cents to more than 5 bucks. cal transis converting to toll ways over the next five years. for many of us green means red. as in red noses and eyes. the grass pollens this year are out much earlier than usual. marianne favro joins us with why this could be an exceptionally painful season. >> reporter: i talked to an allergist who said ten years ago she'd see grass allergies in mid-april. now she's seeing them in mid-march. and here's why. because the pollens are in full bloom. he's dealt with grass allergies since he was a kid. but this season the suffering
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begins early. >> sometimes i'll sneeze about ten times in a row and i can't see. breathing gets kind of hard. it's hard to get air. >> reporter: that's tough because reed works in property management and has a hard time avoiding the enemy. grass. >> when i mow the lawn, it's probably the worst. my face can swell up, eyes get kind of itchy, scratchy throat. >> reporter: he's not alone. allergists here in santa clara say they have seen a recent spike with patients coming in complaining of grass allergies. >> it's one of the biggest allergens because grasses bloom as a group. in terms of trees not everyone feels it because they're allergic to certain trees. that's the reason why grasses tend to be a little bit more potent. >> reporter: allergist dr. pearl scott also says if you're allergic to grass, you could be in for a long season of sniffles. because the grass pollen is out early this year. and may stick around until june. to minimize your exposure she
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suggests you keep your windows closed, stay indoors especially during the morning and evening, put your air conditioning on recirculated air, and close the vents in your car. as for reed, he takes over the counter medication. when they don't work -- >> i just kind of suffer through it. >> reporter: to make matters worse, doctors say winds can carry the pollen several miles making it very difficult to avoid. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> my eyes have been itching all day. let's check in with jeff ranieri. am i going to get some relief? >> your relief is happening right now. right after the recent rain. i know it doesn't feel like it outside especially with a forecast like this. the next 48 hours, pollen levels expected to go back into the high category. even with the storm system that pushed over the past 24 hours. we'll talk about how hot it's going to get over the weekend. and more controversy for the
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boy scouts. a new scout survey that some say is meant to stack the deck against any change in the group's most controversial policy. just say no. the products some bay area grocery stores are agreeing not to sell. and an airport altercation that has the tsa spinning. why a veteran says he was humiliated by a tsa agent. we're back in a moment.
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take a look. it took more than six hours to control this predawn fire on bethel island. this is in eastern costa costra county. falling power lines slowed their effort to control the flames. two homes are totally destroyed and a third is damaged. in jerusalem today the mood was sunny and the talk was tough. president barack obama on his
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first official trip to israel since being elected in 2008. steve handelsman, the leaders called each other by their first names which observers say it was a good sign. >> reporter: looked like a love fest, janelle. that seems to suit both leaders. you could hardly tell that the president and the prime minister had a falling out over iran. they praised one another and seemed to agree at least in public about the military option. president obama reassured israelis terrified of iran getting nuclear weapons that if diplomacy fails, using force is possible. >> all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu sounded pleased. >> that sums up our common view. >> reporter: no more questioning obama resolve. >> i'm absolutely convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran from getting nuclears.
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>> reporter: the president had gotten a warm welcome. netanyahu under pressure to end their public sparring. >> israelis don't like the fact that the prime minister of israel doesn't have a close relationship with the president of the united states, period. >> reporter: mr. obama made a warm gesture. planting a tree from the white house. and the president finally visiting reassured some israelis. >> he's well support k in israel. i think his intentions are good as well. >> reporter: palestinians protested the obama visit in the west bank. security was heavy, but netanyahu joked he'd help mr. obama slip away. >> well, we've picked up a few cafes and bars in tel aviv and we've prepared a fake mustache for you. >> reporter: they toured missiles that the u.s. helped develop. and israelis credit with saving lives last november shooting down hamas missiles. the obama message to israel,
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america has your back. tomorrow the focus will shift to the israeli palestinian conflict. president obama will visit the west bank, talk to the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman. >> thanks so much, steve. back here u.s. representative eric swolwell held the first live chat during a city council meeting. he held the conference via skype. he gave an update on congress and answered questions. sowell says he's trying to make lawmakers more accessible to their constituents through technology. the tsa is on damage control after an airport screener was insensitive -- accused of being insensitive to a handicapped veteran. now a congressman is getting involved. 22-year-old corporal torran gull
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lost his legs in afghanistan. he and other veterans were returning from spring training in phoenix when a witness claimed gull was humiliated by a screener. has written to the tsa chief complaining he had to remove his prosthetic legs and stand in pain at the check point while his wheelchair was examined. tsa says it's investigating adding the security video at the airport shows there was no removal of any prosthetic limbs. the tsa says both the screeners involved were also veterans of the armed forces. 49ers faithful will be lining the red carpet tonight for the hall of fame walk. 49er quarterback joe montana will be inducted by governor jerry brown. this is not his first hall of fame. he's already in the bay area sports haul of fame and the niners hall of fame and nfl hall of fame. the state will also honor of
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some like the warner brothers. one of the bay area's most popular entertainers is in legal trouble. too short was arrested at 3:00 this morning in l.a. for drunk driving and drug possession. lapd says he briefly tried to run from the police. last month the 46-year-old rapper posted a statement to his facebook page to dispel rumors he was connected to the shooting on the las vegas strip that killed another oakland rapper kenny clutch. in health matters, for the first time in five years we're seeing a dramatic increase in the number of autism cases. based on parent reports from last year, 1 in 50 school aged children was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. five years ago that was 1 in 86 kids. autism can be identified in children as young as 18 months old. kids with milder symptoms may not be diagnosed until school aged. increases were greatest amongst boys.
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it appears the genetically engineered salmon will not be swimming in. whole foods and trader joes says they won't sell the fish. the salmon is said to be nearing approval by the food and drug administration. the developer says it's completely safe to eat. the only difference is genetically engineered fish can grow twice as fast as regular salmon. okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff raranieri. we're talking rain, allergies, and sunshine. our friend is dying here. >> are you blaming it on me? >> no. mother nature, of course. >> we'll get sunshine in there. eventually by this weekend the rainfall over the past 24 hours is pushing to the south with the cold front. you can see the defining line there. we're done with some of the heaviest activity. as the radar scans around right now, it appears it was dry. this happens sometimes with the doppler radar. as it scans, we have so much moisture at the extreme lower
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he levels, it's missing some of the opportunity. it's happening on everyone's radar. what we're going to find here is some drizzle that's not showing up as green. but down the peninsula and potential into the north bay and back for oakland. do expect drizzle to linger for the evening hours. also since we've added in the rainfall over the past 24 hours, it has not done in san jose. right now 1.63 for 2012. that's a deficit of 6.72. one of the drier calendar years. we have blue sky here not in san jose. a low cloud deck there. right off to the north here what you're going to find is there's your blue sky. a few breaks of sunshine here across the bay including fremont and then up to emoryville. what you'll notice is some of that drizzle i noted that is showing up here in san jose. also a gorgeous shot.
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what we have happening is a subtropical moisture and the cold front over the past 24 hours is now pushing to the south. you can see all that cloud cover moving into southern california. that's shaping up just in time for your weekend. so we're going to see more of a milder trend building in as we head throughout friday, saturday, and sunday's forecast. slightly drying winds as well. that we do think will produce some 70s in the forecast. we're not going to see that at the coastline though. 50s and 60s. little bit breezy for thursday. friday and saturday, 70s are expected to return. what we are noting here for tonight is by 11:00, a stray shower is possible. but for the morning commuters on thursday, this is where you want to watch out. around 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 in the morning low clouds in the east bay and the south bay. that's some fog that may slow you down tomorrow morning. also produce some drizzle. that should push out bid the afternoon hours. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon hours. temperatures starting off in the
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30s. cold ir air will help evaporate some of the denser air. mid to upper 60s in the south bay. anticipated sunshine by the afternoon. 65 in dublin. 67 in walnut creek. 62 in san francisco. and 57 in bodega bay. then as we head throughout next week, we have more showers coming back just about the same time as we head throughout tuesday and also wednesday. so that is great news. and happy spring, by the way. >> oh, first day. >> yes. it has officially arrived. >> thanks, jeff. >> you're welcome. up next, more controversy for the boy scouts. do they really want your opinion? >> critics say the questions are loaded in a new survey about gays in the boy scouts. that's coming up.
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the effort by this boy scouts to examine whether it should rethink the policy of gays may be backfiring. sent out a survey asking for opinions. but the questions are drawing criticism. damien joins us in san jose. you have your hands on one of the surveys here. what's the details? >> reporter: well, raj, this office referred us to the national headquarters. in one woman's opinion, the questions are loaded. criticized nationally for not allowing gays within its ranks, the boy scouts of america sent out a survey asking how they feel about a change in policy. now the questions on that survey are raising eyebrows. one reads, a gay male troop leader along with another adult leader is taking a group of boys on a camping trip following a youth protection guidelines of
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two-deep leadership. is it acceptable or unacceptable for the gay adult leader to take adolescent boys on an overnight camping trip? >> a gay leader could lead a group of kids. the questions asking about camping trips could possibly be used to instill some fear with where it's not the case. >> reporter: this is a current san jose police officer and the president of an lbgt political action group. he feels the survey is filled with 13 loaded questions. in a statement to nbc bay area, the boy scouts said bsa authorized its committees, representative of scoutings members to further engage representatives of scouting's membership and listened to their perspectives and concerns. we are currently in the listening phase where the bsa's committee engage key stake holders for input and develop a summary report. part of this process is to
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survey a variety of stake holders. the national organization is encouraging people to log on to its website and learn more about its process. we've also uploaded that survey on our own website. nbc bay area news. >> very interesting debate. thank you, damien. >> we'll be right back.
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we still got some drizzle out there. >> if you're headed to san francisco, expect a little bit of activity. then through tomorrow increased sunshine by the afternoon. and for friday, saturday, sunday, warming up. low 70s. and another chance of rain there as we head throughout next tuesday and wednesday. doesn't look like a large storm, but at this point we're counting
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every rain drop. >> we are. >> sunny and sneezy for the weekend. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> see you soon.
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on our broadcast tonight,
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president obama in israel. his first trip as president. tonight the mission, the mishaps and richard engel with the fortress rising all around israel in a tough neighborhood. the murder mystery in colorado. a big name in that state shot dead at his own front door. an intense manhunt now under way. diagnosing autism. the new numbers are shocking -- 1 in 50 children now affected. but there is a lot parents should know about these new numbers. watching your weight. outrage over a new health plan at a big drugstore chain where employees are told to turn over personal information or pay a heavy price. and the line that's been a recurring joke among a lot of women which is now a serious business. women which is now a serious business. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. in geopolitical terms the president is spending the night
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in a dangerous neighborhood. there is no such thing as a routine presidential trip overseas. tonight the president is overseas on a very cautious trip. he's in israel for the first time as president. the timing isn't uncommon. his predecessor george w. bush waited for the last year of his second term. presidents reagan and bush 41 never visited as president. this trip was never supposed to be about breakthroughs. more like showing the flag, solidifying relationships, but even that is fraught in what's been an at times rocky relationship. and in what has always been a dangerous neighborhood. it's where we begin tonight. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is there. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd starts us off, traveling with the president in jerusalem. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. it has been a busy first day for president obama here in israel. while the trip itself is designed for the president to improve his personal relationship with the israeli


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